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White Vegan Leather Pointed Toe Stiletto Platform Heel Ankle Booties

White Vegan Leather Pointed Toe Stiletto Platform Heel Ankle Booties

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Color: Black, White, Nude
Heel style: Stiletto heel
Toe style: Point toe
Material: Vegan Leather
Heel height: 14.5cm (5.7 inches)
Platform heel: 5.0cm (2.0 inches)
Boot height: 20.0cm (7.9 inches)
Boot circumference: 28.0cm (11.0 inches)

The White Vegan Leather Pointed Toe Stiletto Platform Heel Ankle Bootie features a sophisticated design and elegant style. The clean white color and pointed toe design make your feet look beautiful.

Vegan leather material is an environmentally friendly material made without using animal materials. High-quality vegan leather looks and feels similar to real leather, making it a sustainable option.

The stiletto heel and platform design provide walking stability while giving a leg-lengthening effect. Ankle-length booties create a silhouette that beautifully hugs your ankles, giving your feet a stylish look.

White vegan leather pointed toe stiletto platform heel ankle booties are easy to match with a wide range of styles and will be useful in a variety of situations. The clean white color is a fashion accent.

Comfort is also taken into consideration, with a cushioned insole. Additionally, the heel height and platform thickness are balanced to reduce strain on the feet.

White vegan leather pointed toe stiletto platform heel ankle booties are recommended for those who want to create an elegant look on their feet. The clean white color and stylish design bring out your confidence and charm.

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